Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Due to unforeseen circumstances the Body Horror Contest Granny Fuckers was specifically wrote and made for had sadly been cancelled...All my heart to the organizer Florence Touliatos....SO I have decided to make GRANNY FUCKERS public March 4th until 11 pm PST time!!

WARNING!!! If you are squeamish and don't want to see stuff with an adult nature..DON"T WATCH! SOME THINGS CAN'T BE UNSEEN!! Seriously...My family don't need to see this.. On that note ENJOY!!!HAHAHA!!

*Exclaimer* No refunds on the 10 minutes you just lost from your life!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Smashed N Gravy Films makes its Comedy Body Horror debut

Today I finished editing the film Granny Fuckers I was working on with Trevor Hagen aka SPUD from the Dayglo Abortions.We concocted this hilarious,gross idea while on BC Ferries on our way from docking to the bus stop..So literally a 10 minute discussion turned to a hilarious trashy film.While it is a big switch over from my usual Blue Girl Production stuff doing comedy trash was a total blast.As usual I used people I know.Deb Graf,who did the award winning make-up for No Pets Allowed, did the SPFX as well as acted as Granny Fucker #3.Gerrid Jonathon,her partner in crime,played Granny Fucker #2 and helped around on set.He also played the alley victim in No Pets Allowed.Aaron Foster,bassist from Legion of Goons,played Granny Fucker #1.His band is popular in the local punk scene here in Vancouver.I seem to always use musicians for actors..HAHA!And the co-creator of Granny Fuckers SPUD from the Dayglo Abortions,who plays Granny herself!!He's so fucking funny and makes the ugliest Granny ever.These are the stars but I certainly can't forget to credit the awesome Samantha Mack who plays the ditsy news reporter at the end.She's so hilarious and fun!I must say I know the coolest most bad ass talented people.I'm stoked they are in my life.You guys ROCK!!THANK YOU!



We made this specifically for the Body Horror in Montreal in which me and Deb will be attending and her competing as a make-up artist..I will be the model!! I won't be applying to many festivals for this one just because it's so trashy that I'll just be wasting my money on submission fees.HAHAHA! Overall,this was an awesome collaboration between the two of us under SMASHED N GRAVY FILMS and I thought I'd never do comedy trash but it's always great trying new things with awesome people! If anybody wants to review it please feel free to send me a message at ENJOY the Trailer and some pictures.I also included a link to our very first write up about it with Behind The Scenes.



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A summary of the last nine months

I have been so bad with keeping my Blog updated.I've been mostly posting my exploits on Facebook which I'm sure many people are getting sick of..HAHAHA!Here's a short run down of my traveling fun.The last nine months since NO PETS ALLOWED has been released has been one hell of a fucking ride.It's debut was for the BODY HORROR CONTEST in Montreal, run by the fabulous Florence Touliatos who has been a huge supporter of my films since my very first one Maya's Journal.I attended that event which was a total blast.All my pictures from it I look extremely tired as I was up for over 24 hours between work and traveling..HAHA! Here's a very cool trailer Florence made of me and clips from my flattering!

Me and Richard Cardinal from CERAMIC TANGO fame

Me and John Fallon from Arrow in The Head.Super rad guy to party with!

Then another April event was No Pets Allowed very first film festival in Hamilton,Ontario at Little Nightmares Canadian Horror Shorts Film Festival.I'm happy to say the festival Director Darrell Marsh and me are good friends now.

In August I was honored to be part of the Jury at Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival in Montreal.No Pets Allowed was screened in the off competition and got some excellent reactions.This time two of my stars came along for the ride,Samantha Mack and Nyka "Tadpole" L'Esperance.Met awesome new people and caught up with old friends.It was one amazing trip.

Yordevil,Me,Tadpole and Samantha Mack

Bonnie Knapp Pavone and Yordevil

Me and cutie pie filmmaker Danny Malin

Hot Deke Richards,Tadpole L'Esperance,Samantha Mack and Florence Touliatos

Headed to the Black Carpet event

Blood in The Snow Director Kelly Michael Stewart and Samantha Mack

Little Nightmares Director Darrell Marsh and Samantha Mack

Me,Director of Fantasia Film Festival Mitch Davis,Samantha Mack and Tadpole L'Esperance

Me and Zombie Boy of Lady Gaga fame

Tadpole,Zombie Boy and Samantha Mack

No Pets then screened in my city of Vancouver at Canadadrome event!That was super cool because the organizers are totally awesome!Huge shout out to Vince D'Amato and Rob Carpenter who are both bad ass filmmakers too!


Me,Rob Carpenter and Vince D'Amato

Q & A

On screen capture of Samantha and Paul AKA James

  In September I got the best news of being accepted into Pollygrind.The festival that was my dream and goal to get into when I first started 3 years ago.So in October I headed down to Las Vegas to attend.What a fucking BLAST! I met so many awesome filmmakers with minds just like mine.The weekend was one of the most memorable times of my life.I also got the shock of my life by winning Best Transgression Short..which is one damn huge compliment!No Pets was screened in a cemetery at HELLTOWN STUDIOS,super wicked!Shout out to Chad Clinton Freeman for putting on such a bad ass event!

Trey McGriff from Fangoria and me

Tail gate party at Helltown Studios.Thanks Andy!

Exploring a huge fucking Casino in Las Vegas

Feeling like I'm in the Shining with this crazy carpet

Me,Trey McGriff and Victoria Angell from Vancouver

Filmmaker Dusty.It was his Birthday so I bought him a shot

At Helltown Studios.Red Carpet fun!

Dusty,Trey,me,Victoria and Andy.Miss these guys!

Nest stop San Diego for FANtastic Horror Film Festival put on by Mike and JoAnn Thomas.Halloween weekend was yet another example of memorable moments and wicked ass people.Samantha Mack and Brent Ray Fraser were my entourage and man they stole the show!From skinny dipping to over the top outfits and shenanigans.Many stars and filmmakers.Also lots of beer.Met new friends and connected with old, this was a totally rad time!A huge thanks to Mike and JoAnn.No Pets Allowed came home with Best SPFX in a Short film!

Me and Mike from Who Goes There? Podcast

Mike Thomas and the lobby

Brent Ray Fraser,me and Samantha Mack

Me,Dawna Lee Heising,Brent Ray Fraser and Samantha Mack

No Pets hand having a drink

Filmmaker Tonjia Atomic drinking with the hand

Brent Ray Fraser,MBV,James Patrick Brown and Samantha Mack

Bug Hug!! Me and Mike

Samantha,me,Michael S. Rodriguez and Meghan Chadeayne

Nothing classier than a Red Carpet selfie with good friends and filmmakers Sanj and John

Tonjia Atomic,Bill Oberst Jr,me and Fernano Vargas at the awards

Samantha Mack

End of November I took off to Toronto for Blood in The Snow Canadian Film Festival.Yet again one bad ass time with super amazing talented people!Festival Director Kelly Michael Stewart sure ran a great festival with many awesome films.Not to mention the rad before and after parties,which are ALWAYS a blast!I yet again met so many excellent people as well as seeing old friends yet again.I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet such creative friendly people.Way to go Kelly!

Red Carpet
Cast member Siobhan Quinn and her husband Stephen

Pub fun with Rob

Some of my favorite people.Kalen and Alfredo!
Siobhan,me and Kelly Michael Stewart

Well this wraps up my traveling adventures this year.I also screened in Oregon,Germany and in January  Moscow!! With 2 more films coming up super soon I can say 2015 will be just as awesome as 2014.I'm so grateful for all the people in my lives and look forward to seeing my new friends at future festivals..Not mention all the old friends too.Thanks for everyone's ongoing support.You all ROCK!! xoxox